Hailing from Israel, FUTURE is an artisanal beauty brand founded by cosmetician Anita Bar Lev in 1993. Today, it is managed by Anita's family of three generations. Working closely together, they create, develop and produce each batch of products in their family laboratory. To ensure the products' quality, only the best and freshest ingredients including pure oils, amino acids, medical herbs and more are used.

FUTURE is an exceptionally authentic, artisan, indie skincare collection that leverages 5 elements (purify, stimulate, hydrate, nourish, protect) to formulate every single product; to restore our natural skin youthfulness. All this is done through traditional, herbal, natural methods.

The collection of products will balance and treat every skin type to its most healthy and beautiful looks. Our products will give your skin the energy and conditions to return to its true natural beauty. Our beauty ritual is minimalist, smart and effective — no need for many steps or products; only a few will take your skin a long way.

The products are manufactured in the family factory, by hand, in small quantities while maintaining an uncompromising quality and originality of the raw materials and marketed by beauticians in Israel and the United States.

All our products are free of perfumes, artificial colours, mineral oils, cruelty free, and never been tested on animals.


Beauty Drops

Beauty Drops, a timeless formulation crafted over three decades, offer oil-free excellence with a unique silk protein texture for a signature sheen and natural radiance. Numbered for specific skin needs: No.1 for sensitive/rosacea-prone skin, No.2 for dry/lackluster skin, and No.3, the star, for unbalanced/acne-prone skin. A must-have 'skin medicine' for all vanities.

Mega Cream

Mega Cream repairs sun damaged skin and extreme dryness. Rich in milk protein, elastin, collagen and plant extracts, the cream restores a firm and healthy complexion, with a feeling of moisture that lasts. Suitable for both day and night usage, also recommended for use in the eye area. A rich, nourishing and rebuilding moisturizer for dry skin showing signs of aging.

Heritage Mask

This product blends together proteins, oils, herbs, and spices to create a luxurious feeling on the face while helping to gently exfoliate and purify the skin. This mask can balance the pH of the skin and deliver essential ingredients to your skin.

Recommended for all skin types especially unbalanced skin, and those needing that extra burst of invigoration.

Floral Lotion No.2

Floral Lotion No.2 is a balancing toner/lotion rich in fruit and plant extracts known to detoxify, balance and calm skin, and filled with natural moisturizers,

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy (about 4%), antioxidants, and natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Thoroughly cleanses skin while gently removing microscopic debris. Incredibly gentle on skin.

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