Lotions and Cleansers

Flash 10 Botanical Deep Cleanser

Flash 10 Botanical Deep Cleanser is a revolutionary cleansing wash based on cleansing herbs, enriched with natural moisturizers, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids and aromatic oils. 100% soap free, its key ingredient comes from a self cleansing root (Saponaria root). The tiny particles in this cleanser come directly from this root of this plant. Washes away pore-clogging oil, makeup and dead skin cells, while balancing skin acidity for a fresh and pure complexion. SLS free. An excellent cleanser, especially ideal for everyone, including teens.  Gives a powerful & strong detoxifying effect while lavender, orange, mandarin oils balance skin with a soothing calmness.

Lotion Floral No. 2

Lotion Floral No.2 is a balancing cleanser rich in fruit and plant extracts known to detoxify, balance and calm skin, and filled with natural moisturizers, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy (about 4%), antioxidants, and natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Thoroughly cleanses skin while gently removing microscopic debris. Incredibly gentle on skin.

Mask Heritage

A hallmark of the Future Cosmetics line, Mask Heritage is an exotic mask of herbs, spices and aromatic oils gives skin the royal treatment.  A 30 year old Sharman-inspired recipe, this mask cleanses and purifies while removing dead cells, balancing acidity, and improving skin moisture. Its enzymatic action removes dead skin cells in a highly gentle, non-aggressive yet deep level.

Recommended for all skin types especially unbalanced skin, and those needing that extra burst of invigoration.

Mask Phyto No. 2

Mask Phyto No. 2
is a beauty mask that purifies and invigorates the skin, made with green clay from southern France that is rich in essential minerals, plant extracts, brewer’s yeast and aromatic oils. Mask cleans the skin of oil and toxins, infuses moisturizes and refreshes skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Soft Treatment Gel

Soft Treatment Gel
is an ultra soothing and hydrating gel rich in plant and algae extracts known for soothing qualities, Natural Moisturizing Factors and antioxidants. Infuses skin with moisture in impact, softens skin and repairs our moisture levels, in an occlusive manner. Skin feels incredibly serene, at peace with a replenishment of much needed hydration. A great base for mixing in with different serums, creams or masks to create many more treatments options to suit what your skin is going through. Suitable for all skin types.


Golden Touch Oil


This unique blend of natural oils contains the most rich and effective source of essential ingredients , anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is amazing for protection against environmental damage, add more moisture to skin and promotes beautiful silky glow.

Golden touch oil is a great treatment for dry, fragile and dehydrated skin and a perfect nourishing deep treatment for ageing skin.

Beauty Drops No. 3

Beauty Drops No. 3 is a balancing moisturizing serum made of plant extracts and rich in silk protein for the targeted treatment of unbalanced skin (which can range from troublesome adult pimples, redness of skin to intolerant, reactive ones).

Leaves skin smooth, even and incredibly soothing. Its calming characteristic makes it a natural remedy for active breakouts, redness and mild swollen areas. The Beauty drops serums are water based serums super rich with pure herbal extracts and silk amino extracts.

Each Beauty Drop vial contains a unique mixture of botanical ingredients to target special skin types. The Beauty drops are 100% oil free and can be applied directly on clean skin or to mix it with different serums or creams. It can also be used solo on clean skin when the weather is warm and moist for perfect hydration with out an oily finish.


Cream Extreme No. 3

Cream Extreme No. 3 is a gentle moisturizer suitable for unbalanced and problematic skin. Cleanses and moisturizes for a smooth and even complexion. A universal cream great for balancing uneven, red or pimple-prone skin.

Cream Mega

Cream Mega repairs sun damaged skin and extreme dryness. Rich in milk protein, elastin, collagen and plant extracts, the cream restores a firm and healthy complexion, with a feeling of moisture that lasts. Suitable for both day and night usage, also recommended for use in the eye area. A rich, nourishing and rebuilding moisturizer for dry skin showing signs of aging.

Lemuria Phytomarine Body Cream

Lemuria Phytomarine is the ultimate moisturizing body (and neck) cream for a deeply nourishing and anti-aging treatment. Rich in seaweed extract, Silk peptides, Exotic herbs, and Essential oils. Nourishes and enhances skin’s natural radiance. Giving the skin new energy and a smoother younger look. Highly recommended if you're dealing with stretch marks or saggy skin after weight changes, after sun exposure, and for irritated skin.